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Sawn Sandstone Blocks

Sawn sandstone is available in a range of grades and sizes. Grades vary from diamond sawn steps and A Grade machine sawn stone through to random or off-cut type boulders. Higher graded materials offer more control over the size and shape of the rocks and the building process itself is most often quicker and and thus cheaper.

One of the most cost effective means of building a sandstone rock wall is to use B Grade Cut Stone. B Grade is of high enough standard to build a tidy and effective retaining sandstone wall with a good looking finish. However lower grade rocks (than A or B Grade) can be actually less cost effective as the wall generally takes longer to construct negating any cost savings made on material.

B Grade Select Stone is a consistent size but the quality may differ from block to block; however it is still a very cost effective means of achieving a high quality result in a sandstone rock retaining wall.

The general industry specification for B Grade Blocks is wheel sawn on two opposite sides for easier stacking in the construction process; our B Grade Blocks comes with two to four wheel sawn sides.

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